cardano-sl-0.4.3: Cardano SL main implementation

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Blockchain genesis. Not to be confused with genesis block in epoch. Blockchain genesis means genesis values which are hardcoded in advance (before system starts doing anything). Genesis block in epoch exists in every epoch and it's not known in advance.


Static state

compileGenData :: GenesisData Source #

Fetch pre-generated genesis data from genesis.bin in compile time Doesn't use TH with lift because it's difficult to provide Lift instance to GenesisData

genesisAddresses :: [Address] Source #

List of addresses in genesis. See genesisPublicKeys.

genesisSeed :: SharedSeed #

Seed that will be used for the 0th epoch. We must hardcode a seed because we need to somehow determine leaders for the first ever epoch (stakes are hardcoded as well so we can run FTS on those stakes using this seed).

Genesis data used in development mode

genesisDevKeyPairs :: [(PublicKey, SecretKey)] Source #

List of pairs from SecretKey with corresponding PublicKey.


genesisLeaders :: Utxo -> SlotLeaders Source #

Leaders of genesis. See followTheSatoshi.

Orphan instances