Get Cardano SL

Linux and macOS installers are going to be released soon. For now, to get Cardano SL on Linux or macOS, please refer to the Building From Source section.

Running a Node

In January 2017 the network entered testnet era. A test network was released, and now anyone interested in using Cardano SL can claim Ada by requesting it from the Cardano SL Testnet Faucet. During this period of time we aim to excessively test all the protocol capabilities, eliminating possible implementation problems that can lead to network instability. The testnet will be reset on February, 15th during this time.

Later in 2017 the system will go live with initial ninety days of bootstrapping era. Then, as the network enters rewarding era, it will be advisable for stakeholders with a considerable amount of stake to participate in running the protocol by keeping the node online with port 8777 open. We plan to release a one-click solution for running a node in the cloud, which will allow you to participate in running the protocol with zero maintenance.